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The Easiest Commercial Inverter Install in the Industry

When Your Time, Cost and Ease of Install Matter

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Faster, Easier, Better – Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Easy Design

Design Around Your Rooftop, Not Your Inverter

  • 208V or 480V models of
    3-phase inverter
  • TrueString inverter - each string separately managed,  means different lengths for each string ok
  • Easy to lay out even awkward roofs - move across a roof filling all available spaces as you go
  • Easy to reconfigure design later as project parameters change
  • One size fits all - 8kW (480V) and 5.75kW (208V) make it easy to fill up all available space on a roof

Desert Installs

High Altitude Installs

Salt Air/ Coastal Installs

Great for Problem Installs

  • NEMA6 enclosure, no fans or filters, no electrolytic capacitors
  • Great for problem installs where space is an issue, noise level is an issue, or the inverter needs to be invisible
  • Ideal for salt air, high altitude and desert environments
  • Perfect for under-array mounting, carports, and tracker systems where you want no wiring in the mud

DC is so Yesterday

  • No DC conduit  runs
  • Plug and play design
  • Array installation crew can do all but AC home runs
  • AC output at the array meets Rapid-Shutdown requirements
  • Connectors are certified disconnects
  • Significantly reduces cost

Highest DC/AC Ratio in the Industry

  • Get more out of your array for longer
  • Accommodate East-West and less then ideal array layouts with ease
  • Deliver peak power for the life of the system

User Benefits

HiQ Solar PV inverter mounted face down under a PV array. Inverter can be mounted in any orientation

Case Study

Cooperative Community Energy,

San Rafael, California

We see this technology as the wave of the solar future.”


Dan Pellegrini, CCEnergy

See the Case Study here

Easy Installation

8kW - 24 lb. and no bigger than a briefcase

  • Carry it up a ladder and across a roof by yourself
  • Easy to handle
  • OSHA compliant for single man  operation
  • High 98.6% efficiency
  • Unmatched power density

No Roof-Top Communication Cable Runs

  • Powerline communication runs through the AC cabling
  • Connects to Gateway, up to 200 inverters
  • Touch screen control for easy control and viewing on site
  • View it later on your smart phone or computer
  • Remote command and control for easy operation

Significant Labor Savings

Case Study

Solar Carports LLC,

Sarasota, Florida

It is almost mind-numbingly simple in concept and execution - there’s no internal wiring, it just requires ‘clicking’ the connections together.”


Brad Carlson

See the Case Study here

Easy Maintenance

Commercial PV Solved

  • Maximum harvest with 98.6% peak efficiency and single string MPPT for best harvest
  • Per-string monitoring granularity helps fast isolation of issues
  • No maintenance - no fans, filters, displays to wear out
  • Designed for reliability

Click, Click, Done. Simple.

  • 24 lb. allows one person replacements
  • No cranes required
  • Solve in a single visit
  • Plug & play disconnects do not require an electrician to perform unit swaps
  • Easy commissioning