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208V Mini Inverter, 3.5 kW 3-phase

Note: This item is no longer available

By taking a patented new approach, the HiQ Solar Mini Inverter provides the capabilities of a micro inverter at a fraction of the cost, with high reliability and features beyond.


The core idea is to provide harvest and monitoring per PV module using one Balancer for four modules, each getting individual management.


Four Balancers connect to one Mini Inverter, able to support up to 16 modules of different sizes, orientations, shading – up to a maximum of 3.5 kWAC. The system is entirely plug and play – the components can sit on a roof or be mounted easily to racking of your choice.


The HiQ Sapphire is a different kind of inverter, one with the advanced features you need, at a cost that will surprise you.


• 3-phase, 208V rooftop system

• 3.5 kWAC scalable

• 16-module patented architecture

• Per-module MPPT for maximum harvest

• Per-module detailed performance monitoring, updated many times a minute

• Waterproof and silent

• Designed for reliability and uses no electrolytic capacitors

• Wide temperature range, -40°C to +65°C


By managing each PV module individually but sharing the inversion process among 16 modules, you get the best of micro inverter features at a much lower cost.


The following standard and optional features are available.


Easy Installation

• No complex string sizing required, just plug and play

• Inverter and Balancer auto-discovery by the Communications Gateway for easy system configuration

• Simple rooftop mounting of Balancers and Inverters, flexible arrangement – mount directly under PV modules or wherever is easiest

• Seamlessly adapts to different PV module sizes and types, allowing later additions and replacements without worrying about reduced harvest from module mismatch

• Straightforward 208V 3-phase AC wiring

• Install and forget


Easy Ownership

Detailed monitoring using the built-in Gateway web server provides real-time insight into system productivity and status

Rugged roof top solar PV array mounted inverter


Note: This item is no longer available

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