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6th January, 2017

Article on Project Using HiQ Inverters, SolarPro Magazine

We were delighted to be mentioned in this month's SolarPro magazine. This was through use of our 208V TrueStringTM inverters on a project by True South Solar in Ashland, Oregon. Our inverters and AC Splice box are shown in the photo below.

Photo from the article, credited to True South Solar

1st December, 2016

Best Solar Product Innovator - USA & Most Advanced 3 String Inverters: Truestring™ 480V Inverter

We've just learned that we are the recipient of an award from Global Energy News for 2016, which we are delighted to hear.

30th November, 2016

Orinda Carports

20th October, 2016

Solar Power World's Kathie Zipp Gives TrueString a Try

19th September, 2016

SPI Show - HiQ Drone Raffle

Congratulations to Jeremy Anderson of GenPro Energy Solutions for winning our drone contest. He correctly calculated that we had 27 inverters of 8 kW each inside the Mini Cooper, making 216 kW in total. The photo on the right shows Craig Hartwig pulling the winning card out of the collection of cards we received at the show.


Jeremy wins a Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K Quadcopter with CGO3 4K 3-Axis Gimbal Camera (shown below).


GenPro Energy Solutions are a full service energy solutions provider based in Piedmont, South Dakota. More information here:



Congratulations, Jeremy!

19th September, 2016

SPI Show - HiQ at the Show

HiQ had a good presence at the SPI show in Las Vegas last week. This included our booth, where we used a rented Mini Cooper filled with inverters to show the power density of TrueString Inverters. It also showed their ruggedness, with the fully loaded car sitting on top of four more TrueString inverters.

Visitors came in all shapes and sizes.

19th September, 2016

SPI Show - OutBack Introduces ProHarvest Product Line

19th September, 2016

SPI Show - HiQ at Other Booths

We could also be seen at other booths, including AEE Solar, Sollega racking, and at BayWa r.e. who now carry the ProHravest product line.

4th August, 2016


Check out our new page on arc detection, and on disappointing string inverter performance in a real-world AFCI test. More information here.

26th May, 2016

Machine Shop, CA

25th May, 2016

Agricultural Tracker System, CA

23rd May, 2016

New FAQ from HiQ


Where can I purchase the MC4-style connectors used on TrueString inverters?

Find out here.

21st April, 2016

Plaza De Oro Carport

20th April, 2016

Tam Valley

13th April, 2016


8th April, 2016

New FAQs from HiQ


Are DC disconnects required for HiQ inverters?

Find out here.


Are AC disconnects required for HiQ inverters?

Find out here.


How does connecting up to 3 HiQ inverters on a single OCPD comply with the NEC?

This is answered comprehensively in the document here.


Does the HiQ system have an API?

Information on the HiQ API may be found here.

8th April, 2016

Carport, Santa Rosa

6th April, 2016

1.3 MW Ground Mount with HiQ

6th April, 2016

School Buildings with HiQ

14th March, 2016

BOS Cost Comparison

20th January, 2016

TrueString Inverters Working with Sollega Racking

In conjunction with our ballast mounting feet, Sollega is offering a strut and hardware solution that perfectly complements their FastRack system. More details can be found here.

19th January, 2016

Install, Sonoma County CA

As you'll see in their press release here, we're part of the new  Sonoma Academy 208 kW ground mount system.

2nd December, 2015

Install, San Francisco

For those of you interested in different approaches that are used to mount inverters and splice boxes, here is a recently finished 552 kW rooftop install in San Francisco.

24th November, 2015

Install, Palo Alto

Here are some photos of the 412 kW install featured in SolarPro magazine as it progressed.


The install consisted of a number of carports (example in top photo), and several large areas of flat roof. There is also an entranceway canopy where the cosmetics were important and there was no convenient place to mount inverters. In this case the flexibility of the TrueString was helpful: Two are mounted down in the electrical room, with longer DC string wiring running up to the canopy instead of the more usual array mounting method.