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Real BOS Savings

We looked at 3 case studies to compare Balance of System (BOS) costs between a HiQ Solar based system, and one designed using a competitor’s inverters. It is common in our industry to make unsubstantiated and biased claims about cost savings; for this reason we did the following:


  • Used bids generated by a well respected and unbiased customer rather than doing it ourselves; these were given to us without any remuneration given or expected
  • We present two different bid tools, one proprietary that is used internally by the customer, and the second a new web-based tool from PVBid  applied to a subset of cases
  • We are presenting enough detail that assumptions are explicit and can be discussed


All cases are based on Commercial rooftop systems of varying sizes and 3-phase voltages. We have taken the cost of the inverters out of the comparison so that BOS costs may be directly compared.


The overall conclusion is that in these bids, HiQ inverters save between 5 and 7 ¢/W for 480V systems, without including any difference in the cost of the inverters themselves. The gain at 208V is considerably higher. We expect similar differences compared to other string inverter brands. These savings are on the low end of what we hear anecdotally from customers.


Much more detail can be found by downloading the application note.