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HiQ System Features

Highly Reliable

Lab Tested

We've worked with Reliant Labs to put the product through Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) to make sure it really is tough and reliable. Our unit was subjected to repeated cycles of thermal shock, and vibration at 25g, at the same time, and passed. Read more in the lab report.

Graph os temperature and vibration from thermal shock HALT testing; inverter in test chamber

Desert Proven

Our platform has been in use for more than 2 years in the Mojave desert near Death Valley with no problems. The two units below show the rigors of desert life cosmetically, but work great.

We've taken a new approach to solar inverters, one that has focused first and foremost on enhancing reliability. Examples of the careful design are:


No electrolytic capacitors. These electronic components are very common in many household items as well as most solar inverters. It is well-documented that with time and heat they tend to dry out and fail, often in only 5-7 years. They are a leading cause of failure in inverters, which is why we have avoided them completely.


Automotive-grade components. Cars tend to be hostile environments and require tough and long-lasting electronics. Unlike any other inverter we've heard of, we only use automotive-grade components inside our inverter. One example of why we do this is their extended operating temperature range of -40 to +105 °C, making us feel confident in our overall inverter operating range of -40 to +65 °C.


One single-sided circuit board. Two of the most common causes of failure in electronic systems are connectors and cabling. We've seen the inside of some leading inverter models with 7 or more separate circuit boards and many, many cables and connectors - a likely cause of future problems. We've kept each of our units to one board, and consequently a bare minimum of cables and connectors.


Sealed with convection cooling. Many people have experienced failures with the electric fans that cool their computers, and its the same with inverters - fans are another common cause of inverter faults. In addition, they tend to suck dirt and dust into the enclosure which is not desirable. One of many advantages of being fully sealed, waterproof and NEMA6 certified is that dirt cannot get inside, and we don't use fans.

TrueString - Designed for Reliability Brief

Front cover of whitepaper on reliability of HiQ inverters
thermal camera image of HiQ Solar solar PV inverter

Brief video showing the one, single-sided circuit board and simple construction that eliminates almost all cables and connectors, common causes of unreliability.