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NEC Rapid Shutdown 690.12 - A Natural Fit

If your inverter is designed to hang on a wall, it's hard to force-fit it onto a roof, with the poor thing forced to lie almost on it's back. It's a lot easier if your inverter was designed from the ground up to be array-mounted, like the HiQ TrueString inverter. Tuck it out of the way, safe in the knowledge that it's easily within the 10 foot and even the 1 foot area specified in the NEC.

HiQ Solar inverter mounted under a PV solar array complying with NEC Rapid Shutdown

Rapid Shutdown Primer

Rapid Shutdown & TrueString Inverters Flyer

Cradle Compromises or Purpose-Designed Solution?

The HiQ Solar TrueString inverters were designed from the outset to be array-mounted. Below is a quick comparison of our approach with the large 3-phase string inverters that are increasingly common.

3-phase String on a Cradle HiQ TrueString Mounted Under the Array
1. Satisfies 2014 NEC 690.12 Rapid Shutdown 10’ rule? When installed correctly and within 10 feet of the array, yes When installed correctly and within 10 feet of the array, yes
2. Satisfies 2017 NEC 690.12 Rapid Shutdown 1’ rule? Possible, but awkward - not designed for this When installed correctly and within 1 foot of the array, yes
3. Ease of designing with Requires extra wide walkways or takes up space in mandated walkways Sits under the array, but easy to access unlike micro inverters
4. Ease of installation Typically weigh more than 150 lb., hard to lift, requires more than one person. Requires extra effort and cost to buy and assemble the cradle Weighs 24 lb. Easy to lift, easy to install, easy to carry spares.,Easy to install by one person.,Connector-based electrical connections.
5. Reliability LCDs, fans etc. require maintenance and regular replacement. Often these inverters use electrolytic capacitors. Sits in full sun. Not being used as originally intended NEMA6, no electrolytics, no display, no fans. Maintenance-free. Robust, single circuit board, automotive grade components. Being used as intended
6. Ease of replacement later 150 lb.+, hard to get replacement units onto a roof later, requires several people in the crew to do so Tuck one under your arm, climb a ladder. Unclick the connectors, click in the new one. Easy
7. Other Usually strings are paralleled, making poor granularity of monitoring, fault-finding and arc detection Each string has separate MPPT, monitoring. Single string arc detection, placed next to the modules, makes arc detection reliability better, and reduces occurrence of false-positives