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Recognized by various industry associations in the area power electronics, our award winning products are known for raising the innovation bar. Our focus has been primarily in the renewable energy generation and energy storage industnes However, through our OEM partner model we are able to develop cutting edge technologies across many vertices

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Spotlight TrueString XL Storage Ready Inverter

This newly designed solar + storage Inverter is on the cutting edge of what previously thought v impossible This single inverter has two DC inputs with a single AC output Each input has as own kiPPT (maximum power point) optimizatton, allowing customers to combine and optimize yamuu configurations of solar and energy storage technologies

This purely digital inverter has numerous internal sensors that provide monitoring and diagnostic data on the inverters, as well as each of the connection points


  • Waterproof NEMA6, silent convection cooling
  • Designed for high reliability, uses no electrolytic capacitors
  • Rugged 3-phase 480V plug & play system
  • Small and light (29 lb.)
  • Non-isolated inverter for use with ungrounded DC systems
  • Peak 38.6% efficiency, CEC efficiency of 98%
  • 200-850V MPP voltage range for 600V and 1,000V systems
  • 10 kWAC full power MPP voltage range 375-850V
  • Two DC string inputs with independent monitoring and MPPT management
  • Wide temperature range, -40 to 065 oC
  • Utility-Interactive, Listed to UL1741SA
  • Compliant with NEC 630.11 arc detection